About Us


We started our business making homemade organic all natural dog treats that were full of flavor and goodness.  We provided a truly homemade and handmade dog treat that we made ourselves and made to order so that your canine pal could have the freshest treats possible.  You want the best for your canine buddy and we wanted to give our best to provide a fantastic treat. 

We used the same organic ingredients that you and I eat, that's right we only use organic human grade ingredients.  And along with that we used minimal ingredients, there's no need to read a whole paragraph of ingredients (especially when half of that is additives, fillers, preservatives, chemicals, etc.) when only two or three lines will do.  We understand that some dog's like people suffer from corn, soy, and wheat/gluten allergies and that is why we offer only grain free and wheat free treats so that dog's of all types can enjoy them.
We have stopped making the treats for now and added a T-Shirt shop  that have original designs and phrases for dog lovers.  After many months of debating weather we would do this we decided to go ahead with it so that maybe we can make someone's day a little brighter with these Tee's.

Oh, by the way my name is James.  What inspired me to start this business was that I wanted to make a change in the treats that we were giving our pal Snow.  He is finicky when it comes to his treats and he would not eat most of the store bought products (not that I blame him) so I took a shot at making my own treats.  He liked what I made so I made some for the neighborhood dogs and there were no complaints from them either and that encouraged me to develop the treats for dogs everywhere.  Another reason was that I had an international job and it was heart breaking to leave my faithful companion Snow every other month and to be gone for a month at a time.  When I would come home Snow would follow me everywhere and that is how I came up with the name of "Follow Me EveryWhere" for our business. 

Thank's and happy shopping...

                                                  Meet Snow our inspiration  
                                                  & Head Tee Officer.